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methods about how to reduce energy consumption of crusher

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Through long-term practice and summary,the Great Wall heavy industry has summarized some methods about how to reduce energy consumption of jaw crusher.

The repose of the material in the jaw crusher must meet the break ability requirements,material strength must be the maximum intensity of jaw crusher can handle.In addition,in the whole process of crushing,crushing cavity should prevent iron and other things which can not be broken into it..When feeding material be broken and mixed together, there are all kinds of material strength uneven phenomenon, strength of materials will protect small material intensity,then reduce the intensity of small material breakage probability and product granularity.These conditions can eventually lead to uneven wear plate,then affect the normal work of the jaw crusher. Therefore,in order to improve the working efficiency of the jaw crusher,you should try to ensure the uniformity of feeding material strength requirements in the process of production.
In order to maximize improve jaw crusher of energy utilization,laminating crushing feeding need to meet certain conditions.In the process of crushing, the plug material feeding layer number is can meet the best requirement of the bed,then jaw crusher can achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.
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