Great Wall heavy machinery company is seeking development on the basis of quality,and we adjust products constantly according with market fluctuation and client's demand. Its production series of high-tech added value crusher、mill、sand maker such as cone crusher,jaw crusher,impact crusher,sand making plant high pressure mill Raymond mill etc:

Great Wall jaw crusher new development

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Great Wall heavy industry jaw crusher is medium crushing equipment, heavy machinery and equipment.Jaw crusher material with abrasion resistant alloy materials, so as to prolong the service life of equipment. Equipped with the bottom of the screen, so it will not be blocked, can break the high moisture materials. This jaw crusher is easy to operate, saving labor and electricity, is a new automatic and efficient crushing equipment.

Jaw Crusher manufacturers must fully understand the importance of science and technology innovation,catch the opportunity of new science and technology revolution and industrial revolution, to build the unity of science and technology innovation system, and further liberation and development of the productive forces of science and technology.
The methods of improve the jaw crusher equipment technology innovation 
First of all is improve the quality of jaw crusher enterprises;Then encourage enterprise to overseas development,transfer of a batch of production.Only in this way can continue to provide the overall level of domestic enterprises. 
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