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Installation Jaw Crusher notes

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Installation Jaw Crusher
This jaw crusher machine is the big machine which is assembled by factory and shipped by parts after trial run without load. The user must check the amount after receiving this product so as to discover some problems form transportation.

1)Because this jaw crusher machine vibrates largely when working,it must install on the ferroconcrete foundation. The weight of the foundation is 8-10 times than the machine.The depth of foundation must be bigger than the depth of freeze ground.The dimension and other data on the foundation drawing are for reference, not the construction drawing.It must set aside the preformed hole in order to install the ground bolts.The height of chute of discharge opening is up to the situation of location.
2)In order to lighten vibration of jaw crusher,put not less than 10mm rubber as amortize cushion between crusher and concrete foundation when installation.After the cement curdle of second grouting,please screw down ground bolts.In this process you should determine level degree with gradienter,make sure the difference of level degree below 2mm.The jaw crusher machine frame's level degree is very important, it can avoid the occurrence unilateral feeding in working,and avoid the damage due to uneven burden.
3)When install the motor,check the distance to the main unit,and ensure the center of jaw crusher motor wheel and center of groove wheel are parallel.
4)The size of discharge opening is adjusted as the need sizes and capacity. Dismantle spring before adjusting discharge opening. After adjustment,properly adjust spring tighten degree in case of draw.Details see adjusting part.
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